Have you been experiencing that annoying neck pain that makes day-to-day life more troublesome? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Neck pain is unfortunately among the top four most common types of pain in America. Studies show that up to 70% of adults in America will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime. (Source

So, the question is: what is the fastest way to relieve neck pain? Our Burlington chiropractic office is here to help with 5 easy ways to help ease your neck pain. Keep reading for simple remedies to achieve pain relief fast. 

Apply Ice to the Affected Area

You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ll say it again: ice is your best friend when it comes to most injuries. As soon as your neck begins to hurt, it’s important to immediately apply ice for the first 48 to 72 hours. This is because ice reduces pain and swelling by constricting the blood vessels and decreasing circulation to that area. 

To ice properly, apply the ice for 20 minutes at a time, with at least 20 minute breaks in between. To avoid burns and to protect your skin, never apply the ice directly to your skin; always protect your skin with a cloth or paper towel. . 

Keep It Moving!

Although it may seem counterintuitive, one of the worst things you can do for neck pain is to stop moving it. Remember, motion is lotion. So, failing to keep your neck moving after it’s been injured or keeping it in the same position for too long can result in increased pain and stiffness and muscle deconditioning. On the other hand, moving your neck around helps ease the pain and reduces inflammation. 

In order to still maintain motion without making the injury worse, you’ll want to avoid jerking and painful activities. Instead, try slow and gentle movements. For some ideas and detailed guidance on which movements to do, check out this article: 4 Easy Stretches for a Stiff Neck.

Massage the Affected Area

Massages offer numerous benefits to your body, such as improved circulation (which can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles), relaxed muscle tissue, and reduced nerve compression. All of these benefits can help speed up the 

healing process and reduce your neck pain and soreness. 

So, a simple way to help ease your neck pain is to visit a massage therapist or have a partner gently massage the affected areas. As they massage your neck, you’ll want to ensure that there is enough pressure to make a difference, but not too much to where it is painful. Have your partner also try a variety of massaging techniques to see which one is most effective for your pain. Regardless of which motions work best, be sure that all massage movements are directed towards your heart, as this matches the way your blood flows in your veins. 

Check Your Posture When Using Technology

Whether it’s your phone, tablet, computer, or all of the above, technology has become an integral part of practically everyone’s day. However, poor posture while using these devices can lead to some very unpleasant neck pain. 

Whenever you’re using your devices, try to position them so that they are at eye level. Place your computer monitor at eye level, and use a stand or prop for your phone and tablet. The goal is to avoid looking down at your devices, to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your neck and to maintain good posture. 

Check Your Sleeping Conditions

A common cause of neck pain is poor sleeping conditions. An unideal mattress and pillow can wreak havoc on your neck. A mattress that is too soft will allow you to sink deep into the bed, resulting in bad posture while you sleep, while a mattress that is too firm may push on your pressure points and cause misalignment. Similarly, the wrong pillows can allow you to sleep through the night in misalignment. 

Like most things in life, it’s ideal to find something right in the middle. Check your mattress to ensure that it’s not too soft, but also not too firm, and ensure that your pillow offers the right amount of loft for your sleep position. If you sleep on your side, you need a more supportive pillow with a higher loft. For those who sleep on their backs/stomachs, look for a pillow with a lower profile. 

It’s important to note that sleeping on your stomach, or even partially on your stomach/side, is not ideal, as this will keep your muscles in a contracted state and they will not be able to relax. It’s also not a good idea to sleep with too many pillows under your head, as doing so can stifle your neck’s range of motion. 

Lastly, it’s always wise to consider purchasing a chiropractic pillow designed specifically for ideal neck and spinal alignment. If you need any recommendations, we’d be happy to provide some!

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One of the fastest, most effective, and affordable ways to eliminate neck pain is to visit a chiropractor. Several studies have shown how effective chiropractic adjustments are in treating both neck and back pain, which is why millions of individuals turn to chiropractors each year to alleviate their neck pain. So, if you find yourself struggling with neck pain, go ahead and schedule your appointment today to say goodbye to the pain and hello to relief. You can do so by giving us a call at (336) 229-4226 or by completing our online contact form. We look forward to treating you!