Our Testimonials

We’ve been helping individuals all over Alamance County and beyond to achieve pain-relief and optimal living for years. 

I had 3 weeks of intense lower back pain when my brother sent me to Dr. David Naylor at Naylor Clinic of Chiropractic & Acupuncture. I had relief within 2 visits. But continued care to get my problem fixed.

– Gill

Been several years, but EXCELLENT in treating my ailments at the time. Visited there when I worked in Burlington and had neck and shoulder ailments from traveling A LOT. They were concerned about treating me, not selling me “care” . So impressed, that when I changed jobs to another one 45 minutes away, I called Naylor Clinic for a recommendation in my new work city. They happily obliged.

– Tracy

I had been dealing with severe lower back pain, sciatica and leg pain, and I was not able to get any relief. I didn’t want any more surgeries. Now, I am doing wonderful! Dr. Naylor did not put me on any medication, he just used therapy on me, and I just feel so much better. Dr. Naylor is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met.

– Faye

I came to the office because I was having lower back pain that was radiating around the upper right leg and to the knee. I thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair because of my pain. After Dr. Naylor did an exam and x-ray he found that I had a compressed disc and recommended therapy and spinal decompression. I couldn’t believe the immediate alleviation of pain, it was almost like magic drug free and surgery free.

– Gill

I came into the clinic because I was suffering with peripheral neuropathy from being a long-term diabetic. I was having trouble with balance issues and pain. At first, I was skeptical, because my medical doctor prescribed medications that only covered up my symptoms. After the first treatment, I could tell a difference that very night, and it has been getting progressively better ever since. I would highly recommend Dr. Naylor and his work. I’ve been able to reduce my medication dosage, the sensation in my feet has returned to normal, and my balance is steadier.

– Rod

I came in with knee pain, a lot of swelling, and a lot of difficulty walking. I couldn’t go up and down the steps normally and had trouble getting up and down from a sitting position. Since being here, I’ve had quite a bit of improvement with all knee concerns. I can walk much more easily, go up and down the stairs normally, get out and do yard work, and the swelling has gone down. I feel like a different person actually! 

– Becky

I came into the clinic because I was suffering with migraine headaches for many years. They were so severe that they were about to drive me crazy. I had previously tried medications and injections for relief, but nothing seemed to work. After only two manipulations and acupuncture sessions, I have not had a headache since. 

– Clarence

Dr. Naylor has helped me with my neck pain, arm pain, and numbness and improved my balance, so that I could get rid of my cane at 83 years of age. I had surgery but it did not ease my symptoms.

– Canillia

I came in because I started gaining weight, I was fatigued, my hair was thinning, I couldn’t sleep through the night, and had joint pain. I had tried several other approaches, but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After a couple months of treatment with Dr. Naylor, I started seeing major improvements. My hair is growing back in, I sleep through the night, I have my energy back, my spirits are lifted, I’ve lost 14 pounds, and I’m feeling better all over. I’m feeling back to me, back to normal.

– erin

I came into the office suffering from unbearable peripheral neuropathy pain. After completing just one treatment, I saw relief in my leg pain, that has since disappeared after completing a full care plan with Dr. Naylor. Now most days, I do not experience any neuropathy symptoms and my activity levels have gone way up.

– Herbert

Dr. Naylor has changed my life. Rain and weather have affected my body for more years than I can remember, and not in a good way. I spent many hours in a bathtub and lying-in bed due to pain. My body would always feel so bad before any weather was coming. That I would be unable to do daily activities. I pushed myself to live daily life! 
Yesterday I had a busy day, and a good day! Last night I slept seven hours and woke early (5:30). On bad weather days that usually doesn’t happen as it is hard to move, and I don’t want to. Today, I got up and am moving well, brain is working, I did my stretches. My pain is a 3, which is in my right hip and surround area. I can’t believe it is pouring rain here and I feel so wonderful!

– connie